Box with separate lid

Boxes with separate lock are available in several models. We have a great number of standard boxes but are flexible and adjust the boxes to the customer’s needs. The packages are delivered unfolded (flat) and are folded by hand or automatically when they arrive at the customer’s place.

Specification Box with separate lid (Fefco 0300 etc.)
Measurements Max: up to customer Min: up to customer
Delivery volume: Depends on construction and size
Packaging: Pallet, corner protection, top sheets and stretch wrap
Folding: Manually or automatically
Print: Tampo, Screen, Flexo
Material: Wellplast®, Wellplast® Foam, Wellplast® SOFT, WPE® – Corrugated plastic sheets, WCI® Corrosion protection, WPE® ESD protected
Segment: Medical Metal and automotive Construction and steel Food and plants
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