Cassette tray with lid

This tray is used for packing bottled liquids, often liquid medicines. Suitable for both manual and automatic packing. The tray cassettes are available in several sizes adjusted to different pallets. They are also available with a telescope function when there is a need for packing the bottles on top of each other.

Specifications: Cassette tray with lid

Name Measurements (LxWxH) Bottle height
Casette tray with lid Outer: 395x295x75 mm 70 mm
Casette tray with lid Outer: 365x255x85 mm 80 mm
Casette tray with lid telescope Outer: 390x280x70 mm 63 to 100 mm
Delivery volume: Up to customer
Packaging: Pallet, corner protection, top sheets and stretch wrap
Folding: Self-locking construction, manual or automatic folding
Print: Tampo, Screen, Flexo
Material: Wellplast®, Wellplast® Foam, WPE® – Corrugated plastic sheets, WCI® Corrosion protection, WPE® ESD protected
Segment: Medical Metal and automotive Construction and steel
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