Pallet boxes

Wellplast® pallet boxes consist of pallet lids and pallet collar. Either the pallet svep is adjusted for or stands directly on the plastic pallet. Alternatively a pallet tray is used on top of a wooden pallet. The pallet boxes are a very good alternative to pallet collars when you wish to save weight or don’t have a good return flow of the packaging.

Name Measurements (LxW) Height
Pallet box whole pallet 1200×800 mm 200 mm to 1280 mm
Pallet box 1/2 pallet 800×600 mm 200 mm to 1280 mm
Pallet box 1/4 pallet 600×400 mm 200 mm to 1280 mm
Pallet box with different size Max: No limitations
Min: No limitations
Delivery volume: Depends on size
Packaging: Pallet, corner protection, top sheets and stretch wrap
Folding: Manually
Print: Tampo, Screen, Flexo
Material: Wellplast®, Wellplast® Foam, WPE® – Corrugated plastic sheets, WCI® Corrosion protection, WPE® ESD protected
Segment: Medical Metal and automotive Construction and steel Food and plants
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