Mould-injected light weight pallets for use in humid environments or where there are high requirements on cleanliness. Suitable also for air freight, as the weight as well as the freight cost are lowered. This way also the problems with import of wooden-based material are avoided. The low weight gives major ergonomic advantages. The pallets take little space at storage and transport. A stack of a height of 2.4 m holds up to 70 pallets. The effective production methods make that those pallets now can compete with traditional wooden pallets, also disposable ones.

Helpall W1

Helpall W1R

Helpall W2

Helpall W3

Halvpall W3

Kvartspall W3

Specifications: Light plastic pallets

Name Max. loaddynamic Max. loadstatic Measurements (mm) Weight Delivery volume
Whole pallet W1 500 kg 1000 kg 1200x800x155 4,7 kg 70 pcs./pallet 2,4m height
Whole pallet W1R 650 kg 1400 kg 1200x800x165 7,0 kg 70 pcs./pallet 2,4m height
Whole pallet W2 500 kg 1000 kg 1200x800x135 4,5 kg 70 pcs./pallet 2,4m height
Whole pallet W3 800 kg 4000 kg 1200x800x155 13 kg 33 pcs./pallet 2,4m height
1/2 pallet W3 500 kg 1000 kg 600x800x140 4,5 kg 66 pcs./pallet 2,4m height
1/4 pallet W3 300 kg 600 kg 600x400x120 2,0 kg 70 pcs./pallet 2,4m height
Segment: Medical Metal and automotive Construction and steel Food and plants
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