Automotive and engineering

Packaging solutions for the metal working and automotive industry

  • Cleaner production
  • Cleaner details
  • Avoid washing of parts before assembly
  • Disposable export packaging for humid climates and sea transportation
  • Alternative to returnable packaging where there are no flows
  • Corrosion prevention built into the packaging
  • Resistance to oil and cutting fluids
  • Outdoor storage
  • Effective solutions for quick unpacking and assembly
  • Effective warehouse logistics


Wellplast AB develops and manufactures packages and packaging material for the metal and automotive industry. The company has built up a thorough know-how in what is needed for a packaging solution to work in every step. The large number of successful projects that Wellplast AB has developed and delivered give the company a lot of know-how. Function, purity and delivery security are our guiding stars.

Our materials with their unique qualities adds several new possibilities to industrial packaging.
Durability – Compared to its weight our materials are extremely strong and durable.
Fluid proof – Not affected by humidity, oil or chemicals. This quality facilitates its use for sea transportation and in countries with humid climates.
Chemical proof – The fact that the material is oil proof is a great advantage for packing of greased products. This improves both the impression the customer will have and the durability of the package
Purity – Our material does not emit any dust or fibres. This is required when packing delicate parts so you don’t have to wash them before assembly. Demands on cleaner production facilities also increase.
Corrosion prevention – WCI® is Wellplast® with an integrated anticorrosion. The box, the interior of the box and the mellanlägget can now prevent corrosion. Read more about WCI® here.

Reference customers

Within the automotive and metal industry Wellplast AB can list customers as Volvo and Sandvik.

Jonas Friberg

Segment manager – Metal and automotive
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