Food and plants

Packaging for food and plants

  • Packing in clean zones
  • Approved for direct food contact
  • Humid-proof display packaging
  • Boxes can hold liquids


The Wellplast®material was to start with developed for the food industry. There is a great need of a material that is humidity proof and also approved as a disposal transportation packaging for food. Big amounts of food are discarded because of bad packaging. Fibre based packaging material also creates major logistic extra costs as packing often is not allowed to take place in the same area as the food production. Wellplast AB delivers packaging solutions for a great number of applications. Common for all those solutions is the requirement of cleanness, and often the packages are intended for humid environments or products. The qualities, the economy and the environmental advantages of Wellplast make it an attractive packaging material for food and plants.

Production and cleanness

For applications with cleanness requirements material and packaging are being produced in order to maximize cleanness. In applications where hygiene is important, the material and packages are produced to maximize cleanliness.This means that the time from sheet production to packed box always is minimized. The “non-touch” principle is used, which means that the personnel always is using protective clothing. Traceability is also an important tool. The material is approved for direct food contact.


If the package is intended for the retail trade, printing possibilities are very important. Wellplast AB offers flexo print in as many as 6 colours.  Read more under Print.

Reference customers

Wellplast AB delivers packaging solutions to for example Unilever and ICA within the food industry.

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Jacob Volckerts