Wellplast® ESD protected

To be able to pack electronics or other products sensitive to static electricity Wellplast AB offers the material. Wellplast® ESD protected. From this material all types of packaging can be produced. See information below. We look forward to your request.

Wellplast® – ESD protected
Raw material 100% polypropylene + anti static agent
Thickness 2-10 mm
Max. sheet size 6000 x 2400 mm
Weight 250 g/m2 -3000 g/m2
Colour Black
Resistivity conductive 103 -104 ohmm
Resistivity dissipatrive 106 – 108 ohmm
Resistivity anti static 109 -1011 ohmm
Printing possibilities Flexo, screen, digital
Segments Elektronics
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