Water proof

Wellplast® is completely proof against humidity, water and other liquids. Since liquids cannot penetrate into the material, the strength of the material is not affected. This characteristic also makes it possible to protect products that are sensitive to liquids. Furthermore packages that shall hold liquids can be produced.


Wellplast® does not emit dust, fibres or other pollution. The packed product is not contaminated during packing and transportation. This quality also results in a cleaner production environment. Packages manufactured in Wellplast® can be used in “clean rooms”.


The frame work construction in combination with the material mix of chalk and PP plastic makes the material very strong compared to its weight – especially the stacking strength but also the crushing and explosive strength. Polypropen is a durable and stiff plastic in itself and this is further reinforced by the chalk. The water resistance makes the material maintain its strength and stability also in humid and wet environments.

Light weight

Wellplast® is a light material in relation to its strength. The low weight gives ergonomic advantages especially when handling large boards. A low packaging weight can also give transport economic advantages, not least at air transportation.

Food contact

Wellplast® can be used for packages where food has direct contact with the material. Wellplast® is certified by Normpack for direct contact with food. The material does not contain any insanitary substances and the migration is much below stipulated limits.


The composition and the design of the material make the insulating capacity excellent. Refrigerated or hot products may very well be packed in Wellplast®. It also has a good sound absorbing capacity.

Resistance to chemicals

Just like pure polypropen, Wellplast® is resistant to most chemicals.


Wellplast® is a material with very low environmental effects both before and after use. The energy and recourse consumption are low. Both material and energy recycling possibilities are good.


The goal for the development of the material that Wellplast® has been making it convertible in the same standard equipment as is used for corrugated cardboard. Therefore, punching tools, punching and folding machines made for corrugated cardboard also work perfectly for Wellplast®.