Packaging development

Wellplast AB has experienced and dedicated packaging developers who work with effective 2D and 3D design tools in combination with prototyping in own cutting table. The development of the best packaging solutions is made in close cooperation with the user. This is a dynamic process where the customer’s requirements and profitability is the most important. In extremely time-pressed cases we have been able to deliver within 24 hours from that the customer presented his/her needs, to prototypes being developed and approved, sheets produced, punching and folding tools designed, manufactured and delivered, punching and cleansing carried out and the Wellplast® product sent from our factory.

The development process usually follows the steps below:

1. Information Collection

The more information the packaging producer has about an application, the better the conditions are to reach an optimal solution. To Wellplast AB it is very important to get as much information as possible from the customer before the design work begins. Therefore, the sales rep usually visits the customer to be able to inspect and ensure the prerequisites for each application. Furthermore, it is an advantage if the designer can obtain a sample of the product that will be packed.

Wellplast AB devides the information in six sub-areas:

  • Goal with packaging: For instance protection, increased sales, improve impression of product etc.
  • Measurement: Package size, pallet size, etc.
  • Load: Weight, stacking height, way of transportation
  • Folding: Manual, automatic
  • Handling: Robot, manual
  • Recycling and sorting possibilities

2. Idea

The sales reps and designers are discussing the conditions to find one or more design ideas from which the designer can start the work.

3. Design

Wellplast AB’s designers are working with both 3D and 2D construction and can directly test the constructions in a cad-driven prototype cutting table. Apart from own experience and Wellplast AB’s own design database, there is also the Fefco catalogue. It is a compilation of standard designs used by most packaging developers and published by the Fefco organisation. See Fefco catalogue here (pdf)

4. Prototyping

Theory and reality rarely match completely. Wellplast AB always develops a prototype of a packaging design. This is easily done in a prototyping machine that is directly linked to the design software.

5. Testing

Very often it is also good to test the package in practice. Validation of the way of packing and of the strength of the package is a good way to secure a good function. Test shipments of certain products can also be made. For better evaluation and feedback it is valuable if the sales rep or designer can participate when the test packing is taking place.