There are several possibilities for print on Wellplast®. The choice of printing method is primarily depending on the purpose of the print. If the contents of the package are to be marketed in the retail trade, there are obviously quite different requirements on the printing quality than if, for example, only a recycling symbol is required. Also edition, packaging size and material affect the choice of printing method. Please contact Wellplast AB to discuss which printing method will best suit your application.

Below four frequently used methods are described.

Inline stamp printing

This is the simplest and most economic printing method. Rolling flexo print pads are printing the material when the sheets are being produced. This gives a simple consecutive monochromatic print. It is used for recycling symbols, package number or logotypes.

Maximum printing height: 90 mm
Maximum printing length: 400 mm

Print: monochromatic print in black or blue (the shade can not be changed in this printing method).

Screen printing

Screen printing is used for smaller quantities where directed prints are required. With this printing technique the best result will be achieved if the colours are separated from each other.

Maximum printing size: 1600×1280 mm

Print: Multicolour process printing based on colour codes.

Digital print

This method is cost effective for smaller editions or proofs where more advanced printing is required.

Maximum printing size: 1600×1280 mm

Print: four-colour printing

Flexo print

Flexo print is used for high quality multicolour prints and gives economic benefits at large quantities. Since the colour is laminated into the material, the printed surface also is approved for food. A thin transparent polypropen foil is printed on the back and laminated together with the Wellplast liner (outer layer). The print is thus laminated between the layers. The printed foil is then used for sheet production where it also is being cut at the cutting marks, something that enables directed prints.

Print size consecutive print: 4000 x 1200 mm
Print size directed print: 1300 x 1200 mm
Print: Maximum 8 colours