Production planning

Wellplast AB has “lean production” as a guiding star. This means in practice that we have created and are constantly working on creating more effective and resource-efficient processes and products. This includes the work all the way from sale and customer inquiry to the client-driven production and delivery, including all required support functions.

Board production

The production process for manufacturing Wellplast® boards starts from three rolls of chalk-plastic foil (liner – fluting – liner). The middle layer is welded together with the flat outer layers by directed heat in the production process that is called “Multi tube welding” which is developed by the company itself and patented. In the final stage of the process the material is cut to boards. In order to minimize the waste, the size of the boards then is adjusted to the size and design of the finished package. The process is productive as well as energy saving.

Die cutting

When a package design has been determined, the tool is ordered from a die cutting tool manufacturer. This tool consists of two parts, cutting and stripping tools. The punching machines are so called steel line punching machines consisting of a lazer cut wooden plate where knives and creasing lines have been pressed into the laser cut grooves. This is a simple, economical and well tested technique. The function of the stripping tool is to remove/clear away superfluous material. The delivery time from order to shipment is normally one week. For die cutting and stripping traditional corrugated cardboard converting equipment is used. All waste during this production process is recycled and becomes new Wellplast®.


After the die cutting, printing, joining together and also pitching of packages can take place.