What is Wellplast®?

Design and production method

Wellplast®is the trademark for a corrugated packaging material. Built up in a framework design it gives maximum strength with minimum material consumption. The design consists of three layers of the same kind where the middle layer (fluting) is corrugated and joint together with the two flat outer layers (liner). The layers are not glued but welded together by directed heat. This unique construction and production method are patented.

Raw material

Also the mix of raw material is unique. It does not contain paper but consists to the major part of chalk (calcium carbonate, CaCO3). Polypropylene plastic is used to bind the chalk.

Why mix chalk and plastic?

  • The chalk reinforces the polypropylene plastic and makes it even stiffer.
  • The chalk improves so-called “dead fold”, which makes it easier to convert boards to packages.
  • The chalk reduces the consumption of plastic which means that the environmental effects are minimized.
  • The chalk reduces total raw material cost.
  • The chalk gives an improved migration barrier.
  • The mix of materials gives qualities such as cleanliness and fluid and chemical resistance

Areas of use

Wellplast®has been developed in order to create packages for humid environments or where the demands on cleanliness are high. At the same time the material is adjusted to be converted to packages in machines traditionally used for converting carton and corrugated cardboard.

Environmental influence

The environmental influence of Wellplast® is very low because of minimal material consumption and good recycling possibilities.