Interlayer for cone shaped boxes

Stiff interlayers in cone shaped boxes is often a problem. The upper layers have a tendency to move around. To solve the problem two foldable sides have been added to the interlayer. This makes it fixed on all heights.

Specifications Interlayer for cone shaped boxes
Interlayer Blue box V-EMB 750
Interlayer Blue box V-EMB 780
Delivery: 1,2 m high stackable pallet
Packaging: Pallet, corner protection, top sheets and stretch wrap
Folding: No folding
Print: Tampo, Screen, Flexo
Material: Wellplast®, Wellplast® Foam, Wellplast® SOFT, WPE® – Corrugated plastic sheets, WCI® Corrosion protection, WPE® ESD protected
Segment: Medical Metal and automotive Construction and steel Food and plants
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