Wellplast® SOFT

Wellplast® SOFT is a product that is used for packing scratch-sensitive products such as for example laquered and sensitive plastic products. The textile surface is laminated without glue. The material is stiff and can be used for interlayers, dividers, inserts and boxes. It is produced in several different thicknesses.

  • Smooth

    Perfect packaging for surface sensitive parts

  • Light weight and stiff

    High stiffness compared to weight

  • Durable

    Durable for many cycles

  • Good convertability

    Die-cut, sewable, gluable,…

  • Clean

    Does nout emit dust and easy to clean

  • Low environmental impact

    Constists of 100% recyclable PP


Wellplast® SOFT
Raw material core 100 % Polypropen
Material outer layers Polypropylene Nonwoven
Thickness 2-5mm Standard 2 mm 2,5mm 3,5mm
Maximum size 4000 x 1600 mm
Weight 280 – 1500g/m
Colour Grey or blue
Printing possibilities Digital, UV, stamp, Flexo, Screen
Segments: Automotive and engineering  Construction Medical Foods

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