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The company

Wellplast AB was founded in 1999 as a material-development company. Today the company is specialized in supplying packaging materials and ready to use high demand transport packaging solutions. The combination of the unique materials and experience within packaging design makes Wellplast AB a valued supplier to companies all over Europe.

Company policy

Our strive is to meet and try to exceed our customers expectations. This is done by delivering products with the right quality, price  and delivery precision. We actively focus on minimizing negative environmental effects that may derive from our activities. We work by a life cycle point of view taking raw material, purchase, production, bi-products, waste and transports into account. Wellplast is working with continuous improvements to ensure that the organization and management system is constantly evolving. We keep ourselves updated to comply with the laws and requirements applying to us


Wellplast AB produces packaging materials in-house. The materials are processed to packaging in efficient converting processes, such as die-cutting, printing, welding and gluing.

Management system

Wellplast AB is certified according to ISO 9001-2015 och ISO 14001-2015 and we are continuously working on improving routines and processes.

Development and design

The experienced and creative packaging design department is a very important part of the company and a valuable asset to many customers. Wellplast AB also constantly tries to improve existing materials and develop new concepts.

Patents, designs and patterns

All new materials and production technologies developed within the company are patented. Materials are marketed under the registered trademarks, among others Wellplast® and WCI®. Also packaging solutions can be protected by patents or pattern.

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