Clean and moisture proof packaging

-Packing in clean zones
-Approved for direct contact with food
-Moisture proof display packaging
-Containers holding liquid

The Wellplast® material was originally developed for use in the food industry. The need for a moisture proof and food approved single transport packaging material is high. Large amounts of food are discarded due to substandard packaging. Fiber-based packaging materials also create huge logistical additional costs, as packaging often does not have to take place in the same place as food production. Today, Wellplast AB supplies packaging solutions for a large number of applications. Common to these is the requirement for cleanliness and often apply to damp environments or damp products. The properties, economy and environmental benefits of the material make it an attractive packaging option for food and vegetables.

Seafood boxes

Wellplast seafood boxes are an excellent alternative to EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) boxes where you want to reduce environmental impact and storage volume. Wellplast boxes are delivered flat. This means that in one single truck you can fit as many Wellplast® boxes as for EPS boxes require 10 trucks.

Packaging for vegetables and fruit

With the moisture resistance of Wellplast, it is often used where the package is subjected to excessive moisture. For example, watering in boxes or storing for a long time.

Pack food production consumables

In order to bring empty packaging and consumables in to food production, it is important to pack clean and efficiently.

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