Wellplast® PPC – Plastic Pallet Concept

The future of plastic pallet return systems

Wellplast® PPC – Plastic Pallet Concept

The Wellplast® PPC plastic pallet system is developed for return systems with all parts in a robust design. It is unique in several ways. It is a flexible system with a robust pallet and lid that can be combined with pallet frames for heavy loads and with sleeves for lighter loads. The innovative design of the pallet frames substantially reduces time for frame handling and improves ergonomics for workers.

The foldable sleeves are light weight and easy to handle. The V-shaped hatch makes it easy to reach down into the pallet and has a unique locking system without unreliable moving parts. The pallet and lid can also be used for other type of goods, such as boxes of different kinds.

The system is secured by using traditional strapping. Logistically the frames and sleeves are easily folded and secured and take up very little space.

  • Robust

    High quality designed for a long life in return systems

  • Strong

    Designed for heavy stacking loads

  • Flexible

    Pallet and lid can be combined with either pallet frame or sleeve

  • Efficient

    Time saving handling

  • Clean

    Non organic PP that does not emit dust and is easy to clean

  • Low environmental impact

    Long life cycle, low energy consumption when produced and 100% recyclable

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PPC – Pallet with pallet frames/collars and lid

Measurements: 1200*800mm (frame height  200mm)
Stacking load: static 3000kg dynamic: 2000kg
Pallet racks: Approved
Packing: Frames flat packed
Material: Copolymer polypropen
Securing/locking: Straps

PPC – Pallet with sleeve and lid

Measurements: 1200*800mm (sleeve high: 972mm low: 574mm)
Stacking load: static 1400kg dynamic 700kg
Pallet racks: Approved
Packing: Sleeve flat packed
Material: Copolymer polypropen
Securing/locking: Straps

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