Packaging for pharmaceuticals and medical technology

Clean and moistureproof transport and storage, packaging for clean zones

Wellplast AB has a solid knowledge of what is required of packaging solutions for all stages of pharmaceutical and medical industry. Experience has been developed through close collaboration with packaging developers at pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. Function, purity and delivery reliability are keywords. Wellplast AB is your partner for developing the packaging solution you need.

  • Clean

    Does not emit dust or fiber

  • Moisture proof

    Not affected by moisture or liquids

  • Insulating

    Temperature insulating

  • Durable

    Long life span

  • Low environmental impact

    Consists of Polypropylene and is 100% recyclable

Packaging where product or environment requires cleanliness

Packing in Clean zone

The fact that final packaging in clean zones can lead to significant logistical gains. Repackaging and washing of return packaging is avoided.

Consumables used in clean zones

In order to efficiently collect material in clean zones, it can already be packed in clean packaging by the subcontractor. This way repacking before taking into the clean zone is avoided.


Packaging of our material is often used as a carriers in sterilization processes. The materials work well for ETO sterilization (gas), autoclaving and radiation sterilization.

Insulating packaging

Wellplast-materials consist of several layers separated by a layer of air. This layer of air provides a very good temperature insulation. Because the materials are not affected by moisture, they therefore also work well for chilled and frozen products where there is a risk of condensation.

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