Maximize efficiency – minimize environmental impact

With a holistic approach to environmental awareness, Wellplast AB strives to improve packaging and logistics solutions to customers as well as in our in-house production.

Reduce – reuse – recycle

Even the packaging affects the environment – in more ways than the obvious. The need to manufacture new products to replace items damaged during transport or storage, usually results in a very high environmental impact. Maximised filling ratio of containers and optimised logistics reduce transport. Thus, the first goal of Wellplast AB’s packaging design team is function.

Goal two is to minimize the amount of material in each solution and to replace single-use packaging with durable solutions that can be reused over and over again. Our sales representatives have the expertise to guide the customer in terms of logistics and waste management.

Next to reuse of packaging, we have a strong focus on recycling. Wellplast AB today recovers close to 100% of all production waste and we also offer our customers a program where we buy back used packaging. The material is then used in the production of Wellplast®R Recycled. It’s the Sustainable Choice

Wellplast AB strives for continuous environmental improvements in all areas. The company is ISO 14001-2015 certified and we work actively to reduce our environmental impact in all aspects.

Maximum protection
Design packaging that protects well to minimize scrapping

Maximize filling ratio
Minimizes the environmental impact of transports

Promote reusable packaging where it is an environmental advantage

Minimize the amount of material used
Minimize the amount of material used by choosing the right material

Minimize waste
Less waste in all joints – from design, material production and conversion

Our strive is that production waste and used packaging shall be recycled

Wellplast AB buys back used packaging

In order to increase the recovery of Wellplast packaging, a repurchase program has been started. This means we offer our customers a repurchase program for the recycling of used materials. The packaging is washed and grinded so the material can be used in the production of Wellplast R (Recycled). It is important that the sorting works well and the filling rate of the used packaging is good enough for an environmentally efficient transport to us.

Cost reduction and reduced CO2 emissions

By recycling polypropylene (PP) into new products and by using the plastic material as a circular asset, great savings can be made in regards of energy requirements and CO2 emissions. According to a report made by Franklin Associates (December 2018) for Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) using recycled PP reduces energy requirement by 88% and GWP (Global Warming Potential) by 71% compared to virgin material.

Wellplast® reusable products have a substantially longer life period in comparison to cardboard equivalents. Properly recycled, PP proves no disposal costs and the material is used in circulation again and again.

Longer life period – Cost reduction
Lower environmental impact
100% recycling – no disposal costs

Degradability and bio plastics

The standard Wellplast® material is not biodegradable but as other plastic materials it is slowly degraded by UV radiation (sunlight). Wellplast AB has also developed Bio-degradeble material. Bioplastics can be offered (plastic with a biological origin such as sugar cane).

Waste sorting

Sorting options vary depending on where and in which industry the packages are used. Wellplast AB tries to influence its customers to reach as high as possible on the sorting ladder. Of course, the environmental impact of the transport is taken into account.

1. Wellplast® (Recycling)
2. Hard Plastic (Recycling)
3. Soft plastic (Recycling or combustion)
4. Combustible
5. Unsorted

When combustion (energy recovery) is the only option, the residual products become CO2 and water. The energy value in the material is high. Wellplast AB is a member of the recycling system FTI


The Wellplast® material is labeled 05 for polypropylene according to SIS standard 6120.

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