Packaging for pipes, rods and profiles

Wellplast® packaging for pipes, rods and profiles

Wellplast® corrugated plastic is used to pack long goods such as pipes, rods and profiles. The material is very durable and is not affected by moisture or chemicals. The material has a low weight, which means that even large sheets can be handled by one person. The packaging material acts as a moisture barrier, it prevent scratches and stiffen the bundles. Wellplast® corrugated plastic can also be printed in several colors.


Measurements: Standard: 6000*600mm and 3600*600mm
Maximum: 6500 x 2400 mm
Thickness: 2mm – 5mm, standard: 2,5mm
Colour: Standard: grey or black
Print: Flexo
Segments: Automotive and engineering  Construction
Options:  Can be creased every 50mm


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