Construction and steel

Well protecting and moisture proof packaging for outdoor handling of building materials.

Wellplast AB has for a long time been supplier of packaging to leading companies in the metalworking industry and manufacturers of construction products. The company has built up a solid knowledge of what is required of packaging solutions in order for them to work in all stages. Experience has been built through close cooperation with our customers. The amount of successful projects means that the company has a large experience base.

Packaging for demanding applications and sensitive products.

The materials Wellplast AB produces are very strong and durable in relation to weight. They are not affected by moisture and water and are chemical resistant. They are clean, which means they do not let go of particles and dust. As they are inorganic, the risk of mold growth is minimized. These features also make them  well suited as a return packaging for use over a long period of time.

Packaging for outdoor storage

Wellplast AB supplies a lot of packaging for building materials that are stored and handled outdoors. The moisture resistance allows them to protect well and even when stored outdoors for long periods of time. It can range from boxes handled by craftsmen to protective boards for roofing, slabs and pipes.

Temporary protective material during building

Optimal protection for floors and other surfaces during construction.
The material is very durable. It has a very low weight at the same time
as it provides a good protection. It is also easy to fold and cut to fit in size or angles.

Molds for concrete

Wellplast material works excellent when casting concrete. Stronger materials to build shapes and thinner to use as release material in molds.

Packaging of metal sheets, pipes and rods.

Metal is often tough to the packaging material due to high weight and sharp edges. Here, Wellplast material fits perfectly. It makes for a good protection and handles sharp edges well. In addition the material has a low weight that makes it easy to handle.

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