Wellplast® material range

Materials optimised for demanding applications – developed and manufactured by Wellplast®

Wellplast AB develops and manufactures materials optimised for the application. Several of the materials are unique and developed in-house to meet the high demands of our customers. We manufacture materials suitable for a wide range of applications. Read about our various materials and their applications to find the most suitable for your needs or contact our specialists at info@wellplast.se.

For information, samples or quotations please contact us at info@wellplast.se

Wellplast® Corrugated Plastic

Our standard material. A high quality corrugated plastic material suitable for many types of packaging such as interlayers, boxes, trays and interior fitments. The standard colour is white but the material is available in other colours. Wellplast Corrugated Plastic is clean and moisture-proof and approved for food contact and packing in clean zones. It is light weight, durable and 100% recyclable. 


Wellplast® is also available as Print Grade sheets to optimize printing quality.

Available in thickness 2-10 mm

Wellplast® R Recycled

Corrugated plastic made from recycled PP. Suitable for packaging such as for example, interlayers, boxes, trays and interior fitments. In the production we use recycled material from our Buy-Back program and waste and trimmings from our production. The goal is that Wellplast® R Recycled consists of 100% recycled material.

Colour: grey or black

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WCI® Corrosion protection

A high quality corrugated plastic material with efficient corrosion protection during transport and storage. A unique solution where the box, interlayer or the interior actively protect all metals from corrosion. Suitablefor packaging such as interlayers, boxes, trays and interior fitments.

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Packaging for scratch sensitive products

Materials specially developed to protect scratch sensitive products. Available for different applications, as stiff or flexible sheets and with or without ESD-protection.

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Materials with ESD-protection

Packaging materials developed for electronics or other products sensitive to static electricity. We manufacture three types of ESD protected material, conductive plastics, antistatic plastics and dissipative plastics for minimizing or eliminating damaging static discharge. Available for different applications, as stiff or flexible sheets, with or without surface for scratch sensitive products.

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Other Wellplast® materials

We also manufacture a range of materials with special features for different applications such as Wellplast Foam, a corrugated plastic with PE foam laminated on one or both sides for products sensitive to shocks and scratches, and Wellplast S – a solid PP-board that is extremely durable.

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