Wellplast® Print Grade

Wellplast® Print grade sheets are developed to optimize printing quality. It works well for digital print, screen print and flexo print. It is not affected by moisture and can thus be used outdoors.
Can be order in standard or custom sizes. Contact us for more information or samples.

  • Optimized for printing

    Corona treated for high quality printing

  • Light weight and stiff

    High stiffness compared to weight

  • Printing methods

    Works well for most printing methods, for example flexo, screen, UV print

  • Mosture proof

    Not affected by moisture or water

  • Clean

    Does not release fiber or dust and is easy to clean

  • Sustainable

    100% recyclable polypropylene


Wellplast® Print grade – Corrugated plastic
Standard sizes 3050x2050x5mm 3200*1025*5mm 3200×1600*3,5mm
Custom sizes Max: 6000x2500mm Thickness: 2mm – 10mm
Colour White as standard
Options Flame retardant, UV-protection
Printing methods Digital print, screen, UV, flexo, tampo
Other Always corona-treated

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