Construction and steel

Packaging solutions for steel and construction industry

  • Durability (longlasting) at outdoor storage/use
  • Marketing at the construction site
  • Improved ergonomics for the packing personnel
  • Cleaner production


Within the construction industry outdoor storage is an everyday phenomenon. Despite this fact packaging material not suitable in humid weather still is used. This fact often results in that building material is destroyed, discarded or it just gives a bad impression. Wellplast AB gives the possibility to improve the function and the impression at the construction site. Another advantage is its applicability in “lower-cost” outdoor marketing. The company has built up a thorough know-how about what is needed for a packaging solution to work function in every step. This experience has been built up in close cooperation with the customers’ packaging developers. Function, purity and delivery security are our guiding stars.

The qualities of the material together with economic and environmental advantages makes our solutions attractive packaging alternatives.

Light – Low weight per square meter makes big sheets easy to handle.
Durable/longlasting – Compared to weight our material are extremely strong and durable
Humid proof  – Not affected by humidity, fluids and chemicals.

Jonas Friberg

Segment manager – Construction and steel
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