Secondary packaging for pharma and medical technology

  • Cleaner production
  • Cleaner products
  • End product in clean zones
  • Carrier in sterilizing processes
  • Avoid washing of returned packaging
  • Keep medicine refrigerated or temperate

Wellplast AB is manufacturing an exclusive disposable packaging material which is both clean and moisture-proof and is therefore also suitable as secondary packaging in clean zones. The company has built up a thorough know-how about what is needed for a packaging solution to work in every step. This know-how has been built up in close cooperation with packaging developers within the medical and medical-technical industry. Function, purity and delivery security are our guiding stars. Wellplast AB delivers everything from interlayers and boxes to advanced package interiors.


Durable – Compared to its weight Wellplast is a strong and durable material.
Liquid proof – Not affected by humidity, fluids or chemicals.
Clean – Does not emit any dust or fibres. Migration from the material to fluids and other substances is very low, also at higher temperatures.


Packages made in Wellplast are often used as carriers in sterilization processes. The material works well for ETO sterilization (gas), autoclaving and radiation sterilization.

Production and purity

For applications where purity/cleanness is a must, material and packages are produced to maximize purity. This means that the time from sheet production to packed packaging always is minimized. A “non-touch” principle is used, which means that the personnel always is using protective clothing. Traceability is also an important tool.


Beside standard packaging Wellplast AB also can offer special packaging solutions in order to maintain the cleanness of the Wellplast package. In cases where the packages have to pass through locks to clean zones, double pallet covers are used and often packed in bundles in small sacks.


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Packaging specialist – Medical
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