Wellplast® Foam

Wellplast® Foam is used for products that are extremely sensitive to shocks and scratches or when high friction is required. It is produced in such a way that a PE foam in optional thickness is laminated onto a Wellplast® board on one or two sides.

Wellplast® V3 foam
Raw material 55% natural minerals, 45% polypropylene
Material Foam Expanded polyethylene
Thickness Wellplast® 3,2 mm
Thickness foam Från 1 mm
Laminate One- or double-sided
Max. sheet size 4000 x 1200 mm
Weight Från 710 g/m2
Colour Wellplast® White
Colour foam Can be chosen from standard assortiment
Note Can be delivered with cut edge or overhang
Print Tampo, screen
Segment: Medical Metal and automotive Construction and steel Food and plants
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