Eco-Friendly Vehicles: A Natural Choice in Wellplast AB’s Sustainability Efforts

Wellplast is committed to being the sustainable choice in the plastics industry, taking a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility. As part of our defined environmental goals, we have chosen to procure electric and hybrid vehicles for our sales team.

To ensure we make continuous sustainable choices, we constantly stay updated on the latest developments in the automotive industry and regularly evaluate the best available options for both the environment and our dedicated sales team.

We offer our customers the opportunity to recycle used plastic packaging through the Wellplast® Buy Back Program. Additionally, our production waste is recycled and used in the manufacturing of all Wellplast® Recycled materials.

Wellplast is ISO 14001-2015 certified and has also signed the Circular Plastics Alliance declaration, committing to using and producing more recycled plastic.

Learn more about our buy-back and environmental programs on our website: Wellplast Environmental Program