Multi-million order to Wellplast AB for environmentally friendly pallet packaging

Packaging solutions optimized for the best possible degree of filling and with maximum collapsibility for return transport provide both financial and environmental savings, this is something that permeates the entire Wellplast AB business. The company has now received a large order for a folding pallet box for the automotive industry. The pallet box also houses a complete interior and folds together to form its own packaging kit.

The packaging will be used for vehicle components and go in a return flow during the years that the specific model is manufactured. A reusable packaging solution that can also be folded to minimize transport impact provides major economic and environmental savings. In addition to the financial benefits, the solution also means large time savings in handling and the system is also good from an ergonomic point of view. “Our ability to develop long-term solutions in close collaboration with customers has given us a great understanding of the work-flow of the production,” says Fredrik Hansson, sales manager at Wellplast AB. The system is an adaptation of Wellplast®PPC, a system with pallet, collar, sleeve and lid in plastic. The customer-specific solution also has a specially manufactured interior in Wellplast®FlexiSOFT, a material developed to protect scratch-sensitive products. Fittings and sleeves are folded and packed in the tailor-made outer sleeve into a space-saving unit. “Another environmental benefit is that we offer a repurchase program where we buy back the used packaging at end-of-life,” says Fredrik Hansson. “Already the function in the return flow means great environmental benefits and by recycling the material for the manufacture of new products, we can close the circle,” he concludes.