Entrepreneur of the year 2014-11-19

Wellplast AB was awarded a prize for the Southern Region Finale for Entrepreneur of the Year, November 19, 2014. We are very proud and happy. The Sweden finals takes place in Stockholm in January.

Successful entrepreneurs stimulate economic growth worldwide. EY annually organizes the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year award in more than 60 countries. The aim is to make entrepreneurs visible and to increase entrepreneurial interest. The award will also inspire tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs nominated for the award must have founded a company that has been active for at least five years, having a turnover of 10 million alternatively, has 10 employees.

The jury reviews the contractors based on the following six criteria:

Entrepreneurs spirit – The entrepreneur has strong growth ambitions, high goals, and sees opportunities where others see obstacles.

Economic development – The entrepreneur creates permanent financial results with own financial commitment and risk taking.

Strategic focus – The entrepreneur shows business visions and goals thanks to strong driving force, distinguishing itself from its competitors, and developing new products and services.

Impact on the outside world – Entrepreneur’s impact on the outside world can be measured in terms of earnings, new jobs, influence on the environment or presence in markets outside Sweden.

Innovation – Entrepreneur is characterized by innovative creativity and strives constantly to improve and renew its business.

Personal integrity and influence – The entrepreneur lives up to its values ​​and has developed an activity where social responsibility plays an important role.


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